Microsoft is set to hold a Surface related press event September 23rd. At least that is according to initiations sent out to a few choice online publications like The Verge, confirming early reports that the company was on the cusp of releasing a new generation of tablets.

Whether the company will have any secrets left to share during that press event is the only thing that remains up in the air at this point. Purported details about a next-generation Windows RT-based Surface 2 tablet leaked some time ago. Those rumors indicated that Microsoft would be using a Nvidia Tegra process and 4GB of RAM to give the device a speed boost. They also indicated that Microsoft is planning to release a Surface Pro 2 device that features a new processor for longer battery life.

Microsoft first showcased its Surface branded tablets at an event last summer, it made the Surface RT available to users in October, with the Surface Pro following a few months afterward.

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