When Microsoft debuted its Xbox Music for Android application earlier this week, the company promised that it would set a blistering pace for updates. Taking the quick manner in which addressed the app’s lack of compatibility with current-generation Android flagships, we’d say they weren’t kidding.

As of right now, Xbox Music for Android allows users of both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One to listen to their Xbox Music cloud collection, something they couldn’t do when the app debuted on Monday. There’s no sign of the promised offline music playback the company hinted at earlier this week, but with an updated cycle of every six weeks, we’re willing to let that slid until around late October.

Android users can download the application from the Google Play Store now, though they’ll need to have an Xbox Music Pass already, and they’ll also need create their cloud collection and a Windows PC or on the service’s new Music.Xbox.com web portal.

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