Wordament, Microsoft’s free alternative to the ever popular Words With Friends game is now available in the Google Play Store. Yes your eyes do not deceive you, you read that right.

As of right now users can download the Android version of the application in Google Play free of charge, although they’ll need to have one of the Android devices that the app supports.

A cross platform Wordament, isn’t exactly breaking news, Microsoft unveiled an iOS version of the application prior to today’s announcement, however it’s still not great news for users who invested in Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

While Xbox LIVE games with achievements remain scarce on both iOS and Android, Windows Phone was billed as the only platform to feature Xbox LIVE functionality. Since Windows Phone 7’s release, the company has worked to completely erode that advantage. Versions of the Xbox SmartGlass remote application are also available on iOS and Android. Xbox Music is also avaialable on both of those platforms in addition to Windows Phone.

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