Future Xbox One racers are getting their first in-depth looks at the racing accessories destined for the Xbox One.

Microsoft showed off three third-party accessories for the Xbox One in a new video this afternoon. Dubbed the Thrustmaster Italia and the Mad Catz Wheel, both accessories allow gamers to control in-game characters with a high-end steering wheels and pedal pads. Of the two, the Mad Catz Wheel is the most ambitious. It allows users to switch out buttons and wheels based on the type of racing game they are playing.

Microsoft’s Brendan Powell also takes sometime to talk up some of the new accessories features available to developers. According to Powell, developers can actually push down algorithm based vibrations to both controllers to simulate different events in game. He also confirms that users won’t have to bother with pairing buttons like they do with controllers on the Xbox 360. If Kinect is powered up Microsoft says the Xbox One automatically match each controller with the right player. Microsoft includes a Kinect with every Xbox One.

The company also showed off a Polk Audio Suoundbar that is able to intelligently inform users of the direction sounds are coming from when playing upcoming racer simulation Forza 5.

Microsoft didn’t detail pricing for either one of the racing wheel or the Polk Audio Soundbar. It did confirm that steering wheel accessories from the Xbox 360 won’t work on the Xbox One.

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