Just when you thought you had your gadget lust under control comes the general availability of Microsoft’s new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets.

Users can pick up either the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at their local Best Buy and Staples locations beginning today, and many of Microsoft’s own retail locations began selling the devices at exactly midnight this morning.

While the tablets look strikingly similar to their forbearers each  includes a few choice upgrades that will likely have new users and upgraders rejoicing.

The Surface 2 still runs the Windows RT operating system that prohibits users from installing applications on the Desktop, however it does include an updated high-definition display, USB 3.0 and a new NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor that should make it more responsive than the Surface RT tablet that Microsoft shipped last year.

Likewise, the Surface Pro 2 also includes a number of internal upgrades that make it better than last year’s edition. In addition to a new Intel Haswell processor, Microsoft is also allowing users to purchase versions of the tablet that ship with more as much as 512GB of on-board storage and 8GB of RAM.

Both Surfaces also come a few extras services to extend user’s experience. These extras include a subscription to Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage service that lets user upload 200GB of content and a year of Skype landline calling. Each Surface also features a two-step kickstand that allow users to get a better look at their screens in different situations.

The Surface 2 begins at $449 for users who are comfortable with 32GB of internal storage, while the Surface Pro 2 starts at $899 for a device with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

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