If we’re allowed to read between the lies of Microsoft’s First Quarter earnings, which were announced this afternoon, it’s entirely possible that things are improving for Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets. The same can’t be said for the division that houses Xbox.

According to the company’s disclosure, Microsoft saw revenue rise to $18.53 billion dollars and made $5.24 billion in income for the first quarter of the year. That is a bit more than the $4.47 billion in income the company made during the same time last year.

While that news is great for the company overall, its especially good news for the company’s enterprise and business offerings. It’s these divisions that helped offset the drop in revenue for both Windows and the Entertainment and Devices Division. Microsoft’s report indicates that revenue for the Entertainment and Devices Division dropped 171% year over year as gamers began hording cash in preparation for the launch of the Xbox One on November 22nd. That division also houses Windows Phone.

The news isn’t all bad for Microsoft’s consumer oriented businesses. Sales of Microsoft’s Surface tablets doubled in Q1, generating revenue of $400 million.


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