With the launch of the Xbox One just two weeks away, Microsoft is breaking into its final public relations push before the console launches on November 22nd. After detailing the entertainment apps that will launch with the Xbox One, a new video posted to Xbox Wire showcases the Xbox One’s new dashboard — all of it.

During the video Microsoft showcases all of the features that will define the Xbox One’s experience including task switching, multitasking using Snap Mode, the Kinect 2’s ability to nearly instantly identify users in a room and surface there content and a host of other things. The video also includes a new bit of information about customizing the color of the Xbox One Dashboard’s live tiles.

While the company hinted that users could do so in early press releases, chatter about the feature quieted down, and many feared that the feature wouldn’t make it into the Xbox One’s software before release.

The video and post also detail a new feature that allows users to favorite television channels using the OneGuide and media inside other entertainment apps.

The Xbox One launches on November 22nd.

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