Microsoft’s Xbox One console won’t be the first of the company’s entertainment products to integrate with its SkyDrive cloud storage utility, however its integration will be among the most seamless ways users can experience SkyDrive to date.

While Microsoft included that application in its formal announcement of the apps users can expect on launch day last week, users hadn’t really gotten an in-depth look at what they can expect until now. That post on the Xbox Wire news blog showcases zoom, panning and enhancement commands for users browsing through their photos and videos. The company has also confirmed that SkyDrive on the Xbox One will surface photos from SkyDrive on the Xbox One’s new OneGuide.

Some users have pointed out that Microsoft will allow the console to also stream videos from SkyDrive seamless too. While the feature seems like Microsoft is extending an invitation for users to abuse the system by loading pirated movies and televisions shows to SkyDrive for viewing, It’s entirely possible that video streaming will have some restrictions to prevent this kind of abuse.

What makes it seamless is the SkyDrive’s integration into other platforms. For example, Windows Phones already upload photos taken with their cameras automatically.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until November 22nd to find out for sure.

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