We’re not a fan of devils in any form, however we’re all for discounted Xbox 360 titles with the devil — call it a occupational hazard. This week you too can get in on the deal thanks to this week’s Xbox LIVE Gold Deal of the Week on Devil May Cry.

Deals include Devil May Cry for $14.99; this way users can get in on pretending like they’re Dante himself. Every DLC pack for the game is on sale too. That includes Vergil’s Downfall for $4.49 and the Bundle Pack for $.99. It gets cheaper too. The Bone Pack, The Golden Pack and the Samurai Pack for $.50. Yep, it doesn’t get cheaper than that.

Users can also pick up Resident Evil 4 for $9.99, Resident Evil Revelations for $19.99 and Lost Planet 3 for $26.79.

Remember, you’ve got until November 19th to grab these deals before they disappear next week, and only users with an Xbox LIVE Gold account to take advantage of them.


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