The Killing will get a new lease on life thanks to the wonderful guys and gals at Netflix.

At least, that’s according to The Hollywood Reporter who first shared the information last week with Netflix itself confirming the move in a press release soon after. Netflix says that all of the series regulars watchers would expect to be there will return for the final season. Unfortunately, the show’s writers and Fox Television won’t get the opportunity to wrap up the show in full season of episodes — thankfully sparing the viewing public from having to look at pictures of the show’s title card with “Who killed The Killing,” distracting hem from the actual plot. Instead, this final fourth season will contain just six episodes to all hit Netflix at the same time.

We don’t mean to be spoiled sports. Heck, we love it when a fan favorite television show gets new like at almost the exact moment fans are sure its going to get the axe. Here’s our problem; we’ve never met a fan of The Killing, yet someone this show has managed to get cancelled twice and it still comes back to torment us.

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