Games included as a part of each week’s Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week promotion tend to invite users to mystical lands and far flung places where they can enjoy defending towers and rooting out evil. This week’s deal on Dishonored completely breaks from that mold.

In the game, users simply act as a deadly assassin who reaches out from beyond to kick ass in the corporeal world. Seriously. Starting today, users can pic up Dishonored itself for $9.89, the The Brigmore Witches DLC for $4.99, The Knife of Dunwall for $4.99, the Void Walker’s Arsenal weapons pack for $1.99 and the Dunwall City Trials for $2.49.

Remember, you’ll need an Xbox LIVE Gold account to take advantage of any of these deals. Also, people don’t like being assassinated by scary dudes with supernatural abilities. Just a warning.

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