Users with an Xbox One on the way can get the Xbox One SmartGlass application on their respective mobile platforms, right now.

Although Microsoft hasn’t formally announced the availability of the applications, users can head to the iTunes App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store to download Xbox SmartGlass absolutely free of charge

Just like its Xbox 360-era counterpart, users are able to use Xbox SmartGlass to interact with their Xbox One, turning their smartphone into a media remote, navigation tool, and mouse and keyboard for users of Internet Explorer on Xbox One.

This upgraded SmartGlass application can also act as in-game tool for games that support the functionality. For example, Dead Rising 3 will treat any smartphone running Xbox One SmartGlass as an in-game smartphone. This way users can gather information about their surroundings. Madden 25 will allow Xbox SmartGlass users to choose their plays and browse their team’s stats away from their television set — and prying eyes looking to see what defensive plays they’ll run next.

Xbox SmartGlass also allows users to interact with their Xbox LIVE friends and followers when they’re on the go. Downloads can begin using the application to manage their Xbox LIVE account today. The Xbox One launches this Friday.

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