With just days to go until users officially get their hands on the Xbox One, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to build hype for Friday’s launch by detailing the features users can expect in many of its applications. Today’s app? Twitch.

Using a native application for the Xbox One, users will have the option to stream any of the gaming social newtwork’s online game videos, provided that they have an Xbox Live Gold account. Microsoft has also seen to it that Twitch on the Xbox One supports all of the features users would expect of any native Xbox One application.

That includes the option for users to control the application and with the Kinect 2’s voice and gesture abilities. Users also have the option to snap Twitch to the side of their screen if they’d like to multitask. The app also allows users to stream live footage from other Twtich users.

About the only thing it doesn’t do is allow users to live stream from the Xbox One itself. Microsoft says that it’s delayed the feature in order to get “it right.” The company also confirmed that users shouldn’t expect to have the ability to stream their gameplay footage live to Twitch until sometime in early 2014.

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