Xbox One users will get a native YouTube application.

Microsoft confirmed the news in a post to Xbox Wire this afternoon. While a native YouTube application on an Xbox isn’t what we would describe as revolutionary, it’s certainly good news for users who use the service to collect and share video shows and funny clips. Its also great for users who had their hopes dashed when Microsoft announced that it wouldn’t have a native YouTube application available to users in time for launch.

Best of all, the application will arrive with support for most of the features users would expect. That includes support for Kinect 2 voice commands, gestures and YouTube subscriptions. Unfortunately, the application won’t be fully featured at launch. The initial application arriving on launch day won’t support the Snap multitasking mode that every other Xbox One application does. However, Microsoft says users should expect an update to enable that functionality in the “coming months.”

YouTube joins a pretty robust list of apps all headed to the Xbox One for launch.

The Xbox One launches on Friday.

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