Nope, we’re still waiting for the kind folks at the United Parcel Service to deliver our next-generation Xbox One consoles, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to get your review fix. With their embargoes now lifted, loads of gaming websites are starting to share their final thoughts on the Xbox One. Surprisingly, most of them are mixed.

The most positive review of the hardware comes from Polygon. After wrestling with the duel nature of the console’s gaming and entertainment modes, the publication concludes that the Xbox One is great next-generation console that goes in a lot of different directions but doesn’t perfectly nail every single role it takes on at launch.

“But in many ways, the Xbox One’s bold direction for the future is well in place. The integration of voice controls and its media strategy are a boon to everyone, and the ability to run apps while playing games is something we now want on every gaming console we have. That it has a handful of strong, exclusive games at launch only supports its legitimacy as a gaming console and not just an entertainment hub.”

On the other hand, ArsTechnica’s Kyle Orland concludes that the Xbox One simply isn’t worth Microsoft’s asking price saying that users should “buy if there are exclusives that appeal to you, not for the bells and whistles. Otherwise save $100 and get a PS4.”

Of course, users will have to decide whether investing in an Xbox One is right for them on their own. Though we certainly understand the logic of saving a buck or two, it’s hard to grasp why a console that does more and still has a great gaming experience isn’t worth the extra money.

Unfortunately, we’ll be waiting for our review units in line like the rest of North America and Europe on Thursday night. As such, we’re not going to rush a review of a product this robust. Expect our thoughts on the Xbox One sometime next week.

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