So you’re planning on venturing out into the icy embrace that is November. You’re finally ready to get that new Xbox One by any means necessary. Unlike other publications, we’re not here to remind you to pick up a launch game with the system — though you should for obvious reasons. Nah, we’re here to remind you that it does more than just play games. We can’t convince you? How about a few cheap action movies to get you going? As of today, all Xbox Video Store users can purchase discounted films from the X-Men and Fast & Furious franchises. We thought so.

Deals include Fast Five (Extended Edition) complete with support for the Xbox SmartGlass app for $8.49, X-Men First Class for $9.99, Fast & Furious for $8.49, X-Men Origins: Wolverine for $9.99, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift for $8.49, X-Men: The Last Stand for $9.99, 2 Fast & 2 Furious for $8.49, X2: X-Men United for $9.99, The Fast and The Furious for $8.49 and X-Men for $9.99.

Hey, you can’t play video games all night. Well, you could but sooner or later you’ll want to do something else on your console.

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