Who wouldn’t want to earn Xbox LIVE achievements for making it through the last season of Portlandia? Considering how many deadpan jokes the show makes in one episode, we’re inclined to think that users deserve them and apparently, so does Microsoft and Netflix. Users who watch the show and other’s on Netflix’s Xbox One applications will earn achievements.

Microsoft announced the new Netflix achievements on Xbox Wire this afternoon, though the company is only saying that users will earn achievements for rating titles, consuming an entire series in one sitting and using Netflix often.

Unlike YouTube on Xbox One, Netflix on Xbox One will support all of the app-based features of the Xbox One. That slate of features includes Kinect 2 voice and gesture support and application multitasking. Interestingly enough, the app won’t sport the new television interface Netflix just brought to most of its apps last week.

Of course, Netflix on Xbox One will remain behind the Xbox LIVE paywall. As such, users will need an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and a subscription to Netflix for the app to work.

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