Xbox 360 owners with an AT&T subscription won’t be able to continue using their console as an impromptu cable box beginning January 1st.

AT&T announced that it’ll discontinue support for the Xbox 360’s Internet power television application in an email to subscribers this afternoon. One enterprising AT&T user shared the email that they received with Engadget.

As a thank you, AT&T will issue $99 in credit to users affected by the shutdown of the Xbox 360’s IPTV features. That credit won’t go to users, though it will apply to any coming bill charges for January.

Though AT&T doesn’t allude to why it choose to discontinue support for the features, it’s possible that the company’s support wavered after Microsoft’s shift in strategies. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would sell its Mediaroom businesses to focus on pushing the Xbox One.

The Xbox One includes an HDMI pass through port. By focusing its efforts on scenarios enabled by HDMI pass-through Microsoft is able to tightly control user’s experience. It also means that the company isn’t relying on deals directly with cable and satellite companies.

2 Comments on “AT&T Users Won’t Be Able to Use the Xbox 360 Soon”

  1. It’s hard to have sympathy for AT&T, but I feel like they were actually doing right by their customers with the iptv on 360, and it is a shame they are shutting it down so quickly as a knee jerk reaction.
    MediaRoom is probably as good as dead at this point, and that’s another blow to consumers because pass thru is a kludge at best. You end up seeing guide over on top of guide overlay. Progress?

    • In this case Shawn I think it actually is progress. HDMI pass-through really is a better implementation than what was available with IPTV. To be fair, all AT&T would need to do now is make an app.

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