Just when you thought the onslaught of subscription music services was finally beginning to subside comes Beats Music. At least, the company has confirmed that it will come at some point in the future.

Beats Music, yes a music service from the men and women who brought you Beats headphones and ear buds, is now allowing users to reserve their username ahead of its eventual launch. As for what the service does, we’re not entirely sure. A post Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers’ blog does next to nothing to answer this question either. Instead, Rogers says that it’s taken his team this long to get Beats Music right for users. To test whether it’s ripe, Beats Music has already been offering the service to celebrities and tastemakers in the hopes of soliciting feedback.

The blog post does say that users should expect the service to launch in January 2014. We’ll try not to pay attention to the color scheme that feels completely snatched from Microsoft’s Zune playbook.

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