Microsoft doesn’t have much to show for ID@Xbox, the program that will eventually allow small independent developers to create and publisher their own games in the Xbox One’s Store. That isn’t stopping the company from talking about the plans it has for the future though, and so far the list of developers seems impressive.

Microsoft shared details about how the ID@Xbox program is progressing just yesterday. According to the company’s blog post on Xbox Wire, it’s still working to deliver, build and flesh out the systems that will allow independent developers to publish on the Xbox One console. Just like it announced early this year, Microsoft still plans on letting users turn any Xbox One into a development kit.

In the meantime, Microsoft says it’s already partnered with “more than 50 studios” for the program. The program already includes serious development studios like Crytek, maker of Ryse, and teams that Xbox Live Arcade buyers will recognize like, Signal Studios. All told, involved studios include Vlambeer, Double Eleven, Slightly Mad Studios, Born Ready, Crytek, Happion Labs, Definition 6, Team 17, Panic Button, Double Fine, Drinkbox, Team Colorblind, Signal Studios, Zen Studios, Bongfish, Half-Brick, Ninja Bee, Zeyboyd Games, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, Iron Galaxy, High Voltage Software, Capy, Behavior, Hidden Path, Gaijin Games, The Odd Gentlemen and Ocean Forward.

There’s no word on when users might see the program launch fully, but Microsoft is promising to keep excitement for ID@Xbox high with special developer outreach events and more. Microsoft is hoping that the program puts the Xbox One on better footing than the Xbox 360 when it comes to enabling the creation of independently developed titles. Microsoft required all developers to order a special console equipped with the right development tools and a publisher before making it into the Xbox Live Arcade program.

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