If you are a Verizon FiOS TV subscriber hoping to use the Xbox One as a cable box replacement you may be in luck. Starting today, users can stream 74 of the service’s cable channels directly to their Xbox One.

Announced by Xbox Wire this afternoon, FiOS TV also allows subscribers to access Verizon’s on-demand video content too. On-demand and live channel streaming are already available to Xbox 360 users with that console’s version of FiOS TV.

According to Verizon, two-thirds of the 900 people it surveyed about the services it provides said that watching streaming video on their game console was a priority. FiOS TV supports Kinect voice and gesture controls, however today’s press release didn’t indicate whether it also allows users to browse and select content through the Xbox One’s OneGuide.

Xbox One owners with a FiOS subscription won’t need to upgrade their cable plan, however they will need an Xbox Live Gold if they don’t have one already. Xbox Live Gold costs users $60 or $10 a year.

Additionally, TWC TV, an app for Time Warner Cable, has been updated to support on-demand streaming for users of that particular cable service. Users of TWC TV for Xbox 360 already have access to 300 channels. That app also requires users to have an Xbox Live Gold account.

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