Finally, users of Microsoft’s Windows Phone have an Xbox exclusive feature to call their own. As of now Windows Phone users can buy and rent movies and television shows from Xbox Video, thanks to a new app.

Simply called Xbox Video, the Windows Phone app allows users to purchase television shows and movies with a few button presses. Users can also rent movies and watch movie trailers from the app as well. Xbox Video will actually pick up video content from where a user stopped watching already. Microsoft hasn’t even included the option for users to store their video content on their phone for offline payback too. By default that apps simply streams purchased and rented content from Microsoft’s servers.

While that may sound absolutely ridiculous, it’s important to remember that Xbox Video compatibility was dropped in Microsoft’s transition from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8. As such, users with a Windows Phone have had no way of watching the video content they purchased from Microsoft, or purchasing new video content at all.

Interestingly enough, music video playback is missing here too, leaving the Xbox 360 as the only way users can take advantage of the free music video streaming they get as part of the Xbox Music Pass.

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