Fear that the content coming from Xbox Entertainment Studios, the internal Xbox team dedicated to producing original content, would stray away from gaming topics  to appeal to an audience besides gamers seem to be unfounded. At least, that’s the conclusion we’ve come to after the creation team’s decision to produce a documentary focusing on finding the E.T. cartridges that Atari buried in the New Mexico desert more than a quarter century ago.

Announced today, the new documentary will be the first in a series of documentaries produced in a partnership with Lightbox. While you may not have heard of Lightbox’s Simon and Johnathan Chin, the pair have an Emmy and an Academy Award between them. Zack Peen will direct the film. Only Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will get to watch as the production team examines the circumstances that led to Atari Game’s infamous burial of “millions” of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial cartridges. Apparently, the developer decided that it would bury the games after it received overwhelming bad reviews in 1983.

Users should expect the unnamed documentary to air on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in 2014. Microsoft didn’t share any details on how it plains to distribute the film to users or if watching Xbox Entertainment Studios content will cost users anything extra. Xbox Entertainment Studios announced it would produce a Halo series at the Electronic Entertainment Expo during the summer.

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