Fox and the NFL are finally ready to whole-heartedly embrace the digital age. After years of chaining users to their television before allowing them to watch the Super Bowl, the NFL will allow computer and tablet users to stream Super Bowl XLVIII free again this year– with a catch.

As reported by Variety, the catch is tied to the viewer’s cable and internet provider. Fox will open access to its Fox Sports Go app from midnight Sunday, February 2nd until 3 a.m. the following morning. Users will be able to download the Fox Sports Go app or head to Fox Sports Online to view the game. Unfortunately, smartphone users won’t be allowed to stream the game since Verizon Wireless has an exclusivity deal with the NFL for smartphones.

Fox is hoping that giving users free access to the Fox Sports Go app during the most-watched sports event of the year will encourage users to demand that their cable and internet providers make a deal to offer the app all year. Normally, Fox Sports Go is only accessible to AT&T, U-Verse, Cablevision, Suddenlink, WideOpenWest and Midcontinent users.

For example, Time Warner users wouldn’t normally be allowed to watch the Seattle Seahawks run over the Denver Broncos like they will on Super Bowl Sunday.

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