You’d never know it by the way iPhone and Android users freely stream episodes of Breaking Bad from Netflix but times are tough for cable television lovers. While its true that many popular shows surface on Netflix and Hulu, many channels aren’t yet streaming online to users of certain devices and services. That’s why Time Warner’s announcement that it’s teaming up with A+E Networks to deliver shows through their respective iOS and Android apps is great.

According to Variety, A&E announced the new partnership last weekend. Time Warner users will get to stream The Hatfields and the McCoys, and an ungodly amount of Lifetime original movies involving men doing very bad things for free — provided that they sign into the History, A&E and Lifetime apps with their Time Warner Cable username and password. Users of Bright House Networks’ services will also get free streaming.

All told, it’s not a bad deal for those with a cable subscription already. No, it does nothing for cable cutters but we’d expect they’d have something better to do than watching Lizzy Borden Took An Axe anyway.

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