There are many ways music lovers can find that latest Britney Spears tune but only one of them involve music subscription service Rdio and music-identification-system-turned-audio-search-firm Shazam. Today the two companies announced a partnership that will bring free listening to users around the globe.

As detailed in the companies’ press release, users who identify music with Shazam’s apps will now have the opportunity to listening to a full-length version of that song at absolutely no charge. Technically, the companies have offered free listens to users in the United States for a bit now. Still, we suppose offering the opportunity for users to listen to songs they hear absolutely free of charge to users who don’t live in America isn’t a bad thing. The expanded service is now available to “more than 270 million Shazam users” in 29 countries.

Of course, users who listen to music through Rdio’s website are treated to ads along with that free music playback. They can also subscribe to unlimited Rdio streaming for $4.99 a month or $9.99 for unlimited streaming and the ability to listen to music offline.

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