Are you a Windows Phone user waiting on the mobile platform’s native version of the Beats Music app and subscription music service? Rejoice because it’s here.

According to most reports, the app finally became available in the Windows Phone Store earlier this afternoon. It’s arrival comes after the headphone maker turned music provider announced that it would come to Windows Phone, then delayed that app while it worked on bugs related to its back-end services.

After spending some time with Beats Music this afternoon we’re ready to confirm that longtime users of Microsoft’s Zune music service will feel right at home here. There’s on device streaming, a large assortment of playlists created by editors and music lovers who have experience in music and more. Furthermore, the interface borrows from the orange, magenta and purple gradient that Zune used. If all that wasn’t enough there’s even a “heart” and “broken heart” rating system for former Zune lovers.

Beats Music is available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and the web. Users can sign up for a free trial for the next 7 days or purchase a subscription for $9.99 a month. AT&T users have the option of purchasing a family plan that allows them to stream to more than the three devices the default plan allows for.

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