Being a Netflix subscriber just keeps getting better and better for users who happen to love science fiction. After locking up seasons of Star Trek, Netflix has now moved on to signing content deals for that other big space-related franchise. Netflix will be the only place where viewers can watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ final season on March 7th.

Netflix announced the content deal in a press release this afternoon, saying that its content deal with Disney makes it “the exclusive subscription service for the entire Star Wards: The Clone Wars series.”

To understand how big this is, to date there hasn’t been a single iota of Star Wars related content available on Netflix. The entire season will be made up of 13 episodes that users can watch at their leisure. The content deal also includes special “director’s cut” episodes and a feature-length film that has yet to even make it to traditional television.

Disney announced that it’d cancelled The Clone Wars last year.

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