Xbox One users rejoice, following an automated Xbox One update this evening you should find that your console includes a few new features.

To be clear, this isn’t some unannounced Xbox One update. Instead it’s the February Xbox One update that Microsoft had indicated would begin rolling out to users this past Tuesday. Users shouldn’t confuse it with the March Xbox One update that Microsoft says will include major changes to the Party either.

Instead, today’s update adds a new Gesture tutorial, sorting for apps and games and new storage meter so that users can easily figure out how much storage their console has left. There’s also a new battery meter on the Home Screen too.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to manually trigger an Xbox One update. Instead, users should simply wait for the update to roll out to their Xbox One overnight if they have the console’s power settings set to allow background updates. Following the update users will need to manually turn on their television set and audio equipment once.

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