Microsoft and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment have just thrown down the gauntlet. Starting tonight, all Xbox One users will have access to the Titanfall Beta regardless of whether they have a code or not.

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb announced the surprise move tonight at MajorNelson. In that blog post Hryb also makes it very clear that it will take a bit for the Titanfall download to begin appearing in the Xbox Games Store for everyone.

Originally, participating in the game’s beta required users to have a code that until now had been very, very scarce. In fact, some users paid as much as $35 for a beta code on eBay. Opening up the Titanfall Beta to everyone is a genius move for Microsoft, the company needs hype for the game at an all-time high if it hopes to use its March 11th release to boost sales of the Xbox One.

Users will need to head to the Xbox Game Store’s New Demos area to download the beta when its available. Here’s some video footage from a short play through of the training tutorial we made our way through during our time with the game.

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