Everyone has been so excited about the Xbox One. “It comes with Kinect 2,” they say. “It allows me to turn on everything by saying Xbox, On,” they exclaim. So the Xbox 360 isn’t the new hot console to have anymore, it’s still a decent console with an absolutely ridiculous amount of games. Thankfully, Microsoft is breathing new life into the Xbox 360 with a couple of different bundles designed to get last-generation console adopters excited.

The first of these three new bundles Microsoft added to its Xbox website is the Xbox 360 250GB Bundle. With it, users get a 250GB Xbox 360, one wireless controller, a copy of Forza Horizon and Borderlands 2. All that comes at a fairly reasonable $249.99 from the Microsoft Store.

For the more casual gaming crowd there’s the 4GB Kinect Value Bundle for $299.99. As you might have guessed it comes with the Kinect sensor and an Xbox 360 with 4GB of on-board storage. There’s also Kinect Sports: Season Two and Kinect Adventures within the bundle just waiting for kids and family members to get better scores than you in football and rafting.

Finally, for $399 there’s the Xbox 350 250GB Kinect Value Bundle. It includes a 250GB Xbox One console, Kinect sensor, Kinect Adventures, a digital copy of Forza Horizon and Kinect Sports. All that kit doesn’t come cheap though, it costs $399.99.

Notably, each console also includes a year-long subscription to Xbox Live.

All told, they aren’t necessarily bad bundles considering what users get for that price. The Xbox 360 has a ridiculous amount of games available for purchase with an astonishing amount of entertainment apps that still aren’t available on the Xbox 360. Whether these are enough to keep Xbox 360 sales high though remains a mystery.

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