No matter how many industry insiders argue that relying on one game to boost sales of a console is a bad idea, gamers have always been more receptive to picking up an expensive new console once an exciting title comes along. Case in point, the Xbox One’s Titanfall. It’s driving up sales of the Xbox One by 96%.

That figure is according to Games Industry International, a U.K. based website that focuses interactive entertainment. Of the Xbox One purchases made, 70% off them were the Xbox One Titanfall bundle that Microsoft revealed last month and released with Titanfall last Tuesday. Unlike previous high-profile bundles for the Xbox 360, Microsoft is including the game with a console at absolutely no charge.

Of course, these numbers aren’t enough to reverse the perception that the Xbox One is flailing. To do that the Microsoft will need to unleash a barrage of new titles and exclusive experiences during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. However, progress is progress.

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