Into Lance Gross and wondering why you haven’t yet seen Crisis, the hour-long drama the features Gross hunting down the man who’s hijacked a group of teenagers from a prestigious Washington D.C. school? As you can now watch the pilot of Crisis for free on Xbox Video, we’d say you’ve run out of excuses.

Of course, the pilot is only available for free for a limited time. It’s also worth noting two other major plot points before you decided to definitely jump into the series. First, the group of teenagers includes the President of the United State’s son, and second it’s a show that literally wants the audience to wonder “how far [they] would go” and “what [they] would become to ensure their child’s safety.” That sounds like a Pandora’s Box if we’ve ever heard one.

Users who pick up the pilot for free can watch on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and their Windows Phone.

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