You’re frustrated. We’ve all been there with Xbox Music, the multi-faceted audio client that allows users to stream tracks with their Xbox Music Pass and play songs they already own. We each have that one single feature we’d like added, or that bug that drives us crazy squashed. As it turns out there’s a way for all of those frustrations and feature ideas you have to go directly to the Xbox Music product team instead of disappearing into the ether: Xbox Music’s User Voice account.

Simply put, the Xbox Music Team, like the Windows Phone Team before it, asks users for suggestions on feature’s they’d like to see in the future and past niggles that they’d like addressed. Users who sign up can submit their own ideas and vote on up to 10 ideas submitted by other users.

Think of it as a way to stay involved and make your own small contribution. There’s no guarantee that Microsoft will include your ideas in forthcoming versions of Xbox Music, but it is a way to guarantee that someone at the company has at least seen your idea.

There’s also a UserVoice account for the Xbox Video Team as well.

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