MLB TV,Encore Play and MoviePlex Play are coming to Xbox Live by the end of the day. At least, depending on which Xbox Live enabled console you have in your home.

This afternoon Microsoft announced that it would finally bring its first big set of new apps to the Xbox Store this year on Xbox Wire today. Sadly, the line up doesn’t include the now perpetually missing HBO Go app that seemed destined for the Xbox One last year. However, it does include MLB TV which makes its début on the Xbox One. There’s also Encore Play and MoviePlex Play on the Xbox 360.

Of this set it’s MLB TV for Xbox One that’s going to garner the most attention. Barring blackouts for local games, users can stream high-definition footage of live games directly to their television. Of course, users will need an MLB TV subscription to get it working, but after that they can watch as much baseball as they can stomach this season.

Encore Play and MoviePlex Play are a bit less exciting. Users can load up the apps on their Xbox 360 and watch movies from both service’s huge catalog. Unfortunately, users will need a subscription to a cable or satellite provider and a subscription to each one of those channels before the app will work.

Epix users with a Time Warner subscription can now watch movies through that app too, Microsoft also says that the company is committed to developing an app for Xbox One users too.

Users can download each one of these apps from the Xbox Store now. Just be sure to have your card handy if you’re an Xbox Live Free user. You’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription for any of these apps to work.

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