When Rocksteady Studios announced its plans to bring a new and final installment of it’s Batman: Arkham series of games to players this year expectations for the game were high. After all, this wasn’t some second-tier game developer peddling a licensed property. Batman: Arkham Asylum didn’t just redefine a super hero game, it practically resurrected the genre. So what can people expect from Batman: Arkham Knight? Judging by a profile published today, we’d say players can expect there to be a lot of new abilities for them to take down bad guys with.

According to the details in Polygon’s report about Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has once again managed to take its formula from the first Batman game and make improvements where it makes sense.

Streets in Gotham City are wider and it turns out the Batmobile is included in the game because the world users play in is about five-times the size of the world featured in Batman: Arkham City, the previous record holder in the franchise. There are no loading screens, and players can call on the Batmobile at any time. Rocksteady has also added the ability for players to use some of their gadgets even when they’re gliding towards enemies. That’s something that they couldn’t do before.

The developer also revealed that the game takes its name from the Arkham Knight, a foe being featured in this game. He’s entirely a creation of Rocksteady.

All told, there’s definitely enough here to get excited about, that’s true even if you had the incredible misfortune of not being a Batman fan when the first two games made their way to the Xbox 360.

Xbox One, PC and PS4 users can expect Batman: Arkham Knight sometime later this year. Rocksteady has confirmed that older consoles and the Wii U won’t be getting the game.

An earlier version of this headline included the Rockstar Studios and the game title Batman: Arkham Origins instead of Batman: Arkham Knight. We’ve updated the headline to match the article.



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