Da Vinci’s Demons, a show that chronicles Leonardo Da Vinci’s trials and tribulations — because even unrivaled geniuses are people too — is now available for just $7.99 in the Xbox Video Store.

To be clear, that price is in standard definition. As such, Xbox Video viewers with a device that’s capable of HD video playback will have to fork over $9.99 for the entire season. Only the Windows 8 video client, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Video client for devices running Windows Phone 8 will allow users to playback HD content. Xbox.com viewers will be stuck watch the show in standard definition. Again, that’s eight episodes for just as many dollars in the United States.

As far as the show itself, we can’t yet vouch for Da Vinci’s Demons itself. Starz is billing the show as a tale of opposing forces and “a game of seduction.” Of course, this is a Starz show so all of that pretty much matches their usual template for shows.

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