Typically, music lovers enjoy celebrating the anniversary of their favorite albums in unique ways. There are even a few folks here at the office who’ve crated a calendar to relive all of their favorite albums on their release date. Microsoft isn’t exactly suggesting users go that far in celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nash’ iconic Illmatic album, however it is letting users listen to the album for free in celebration.

To be clear, it’s not doing the same thing it did with the release of Eminem’s most recent album. Users won’t be able to download MP3s of the album for free. Instead, Xbox Music listeners on the web and Windows 8 can listen absolutely free of charge. No Xbox Music Pass required.

You may want to clear your schedule if you plan on listening. Classic hip-hop as good as Nas’ Illmatic deserves to be appreciated without distractions.

Xbox users should get used to seeing the rapper’s name. Microsoft currently has plans to produce a show about Nas’ experiences growing up in New York City as well.

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