Xbox Entertainment Studios, the recently formed in-house production team in charge of creating original content for Xbox Live, is working on a comedy series loosely based on the life and times of Nas. Yep.

Detailed in a report from Deadline, viewers of Street Dreams will following along as Nas makes his way through the streets of New York City. More specifically, viewers of the half-hour comedy will follow along as a younger Nas grows up in the Queensbridge housing project and tries to build a career as a rapper and MC. Thankfully, Nas isn’t just handing off his brand for the show. The report indicates that Nas himself is working with the show’s writing team. Allegedly, he’s also working on the shows music.

All told, if the report is accurate than it would seem that Microsoft really is dead-set on building a slate of shows that crosses all boundaries. So far the line up already includes a documentary series whose first episode revolves around the E.T. cartridge mystery, a reality show involving soccer and a series based on Halo.  In fact, about the only thing Microsoft hasn’t announced is a reality show that tries to find the best singer in America. Of course, that may be because that’s already been done a dozen times.

Microsoft has yet to confirm if Street Dreams is in production. It also hasn’t shared any information about when or how these shows will make it to users. Nas is celebrating the 20th annivarsy Illmatic, his breakout hip hop album from the 90s.

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