Perhaps you’ve been thinking about replacing that aging Zune HD with a new Windows Phone that supports Xbox Video streaming and the ability to add to your Xbox Music cloud collection. Maybe you purchased a Windows Phone 7 device but aren’t ready to commit to another two-year service contract? As of right now users can buy the Lumia 925 on AT&T for just $75 without a two-year service agreement. Folks, get out those Visa and MasterCard-enabled pieces of plastic now.

News about the deal surfaced over at Reddit this past weekend and effectively make Windows Phone a more attractive choice than even Apple’s iPod Touch devices. There’s only one gotcha included in the deal, the Lumia 925 users get for $75 will be a refurbished model and is locked to AT&T. That means that anyone looking for a device on T-Mobile will need to keep looking.

Still, it’s a great device for anyone who is on AT&T or won’t be bothering to add a mobile plan to the device. You’ll have to buy the device online, AT&T won’t be making this deal available to anyone who comes into their retail stores.

If you’re looking for a decent Xbox Music, Xbox Video and the option to earn Xbox Live Achievements on the go, this Lumia 925 deal is too good to pass up.

Update: Users should also note that AT&T will run a credit check on users when they order the device, despite them not signing up for a two-year contract, according to AT&T user and enConnected on Twitter follower Tim Cantisano.

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