Streaming movies and entire seasons of your favorite television shows through the Netflix apps on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, Windows Phone devices and just about anything else that has an internet connection and a screen, is about to get more expensive.

To be clear, Netflix hasn’t formally announced any new pricing just yet, however the world’s largest internet-based streaming video service announced that new users signing up for a monthly subscription would see prices increase by a marginal amount. Presumably, about $1 or $2 dollars. Netflix says it wants to use the money to speed up its streaming video service and acquire more new content.

Today, Netflix costs $7.99 a month for users who want to stream to two devices simultaneously. Streaming to four devices at the same time costs $11.99. While there’s no word on the new pricing yet, Netflix has made it clear that users with an existing Netflix subscription will be grandfathered into their current pricing for an extended period of time.

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