If you’re a longtime fan of Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard you’re about to have the greatest afternoon of your life. No, Patrick Stewart won’t be dawning his two-piece captain’s uniform again, but Stewart will be starring in Blunt Talk, an upcoming half-hour comedy due to air next year.

According to Star Trek, the official website of the Start Trek franchise, Patrick Stewart will play Walter Blunt, a news anchor who has immigrated to the United States for his own television broadcast. Each episode will focus on Stewart as he adjusts to America, American values and an overly complicated personal life laid waste by too many marriages and too many children.

All told, it’s a very different role for Stewart but it’s not that big of a leap considering who is producing the 2015 sitcom: Seth McFarlane. This isn’t the first time McFarlane has branched away from Family Guy and into live action productions. He most recently produced the science program Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. McFarlane also cast Stewart as the CIA Director in his American Dad sitcom on Fox.

Starz has already given the show a twenty episode order, guaranteeing that we’ll at least see Stewart on Blunt Talk for two seasons.

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