Users who picked up Microsoft’s Xbox One console receive six month’s of Skype’s Premium, allowing them to place video and audio calls through the console and their other devices absolutely free. Unfortunately for users who purchased the console on launch day, that trial will end starting next week.

Microsoft provided the free six months of airtime when users registered their Xbox One consoles and connected them to Xbox Live. To be clear, Microsoft hasn’t suddenly decided to stop giving away the service for free to new Xbox One users, it’s just that those who activated their console on launch night will see their monthly subscription of 100 free minutes of audio calling end on May 21st.

Users who don’t want the service won’t have to do a thing. They’ll still be able to call other Skype users free of charge, and they’ll just be presented with advertisements while the app is open on their PC. Skype Premium costs $2.99 a month and works on every device that has a Skype app. The line-up of Skype apps include one for iPhone, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, and even the PlayStation Vita.

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