With all of the attention that’s paid to Xbox Music on mobile devices (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) and consoles like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, we sometimes forget there’s Xbox Music on the web.

We also tend to overlook that Xbox Music on the web gets updated just like it’s mobile and console counterparts. Recently, the Xbox Music team did some tweaks to the web service. While some of it isn’t necessarily important for us, as consumers, here are some things to take notice of.

  • Now when you log in, instead of showing your gamertag it shows your actual name and photo.
  • You now get more recommended radio stations, when you’re in the radio tab
  • From the album listing, you can drag and drop songs to add them to your collection/playlists

So let’s remember, unlike Zune, Xbox Music is available through more tuners which means updates to these tuners can happen at various times. I find the showing of actual name and photo to be curious, since Xbox has just announced that something similar will be part of the June update to Xbox One.

But it’s good to see the team is making sure that all available areas are being worked on.

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