Sometimes new apps and games are what users need to brighten up their week. Sometimes, what they need is the addition of some star-studded, critically acclaimed content to really get them settled in front of their laptop or gaming console. With shows like The Wire, & The Sopranos now available to users of Amazon Instant Video, we’d say some users are about to have a very nice weekend in front of their television set.

Additions to Amazon Instant Video’s slate of content include the aforementioned two shows, Deadwood, Rome, Six Feed Under, Eastbound & Down, Enlightened, Flight of the Concords and many of the cable network’s miniseries like John Adams.

This isn’t all just older content, according to Variety. Seasons of True Blood, Boardwalk Empire and Treme’ are available too. That being said, these aren’t current seasons so users will still need an HBO Go account and a cable or satellite subscription if they’d like to watch these shows as they air. It’s also worth noting that Game of Thrones isn’t available on Amazon Instant Video, giving users another huge reason to hang on to their cable subscription if they want to watch the show.

Amazon Instant Video subscriptions are included in the cost of an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime costs new users $99 a year and doesn’t allow for monthly payments. Amazon is giving away free month-long trials of the service to new users.

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