Xbox One users are getting some big treats as a part of the June Xbox One Update that include the ability to add an external hard drive to their console’s pool of available storage and the option to use their real name alongside their gamer tag on Xbox Live.

Microsoft shared the details about the June Xbox One Update this morning on its Xbox Wire news blog, and though none of these new features are flashy, at least one puts it a cut above Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Following the update, Xbox One owners will be able to plug in an external hard drive and format it so that the Xbox One can understand it. Microsoft says that once this has been done the Xbox One will store all games and apps on that hard drive until it fills up. Once it has, the Xbox One will switch back to storing stuff on the consoles internal hard drive. Users will be able to take that hard drive to a friend’s place and login with their Xbox Live account to play any games that are stored on it too. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launched with 500GB hard drives and no actual way to expand the their storage. Adding the feature is key since games can take up 20GB of storage or more.

Microsoft is also sending out some love to its European friends. Those users in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Span and Italy will all be able to use the Xbox SmartGlass app to access their favorites, control their cable box and set new things to record on their DVR. They’ll also get the television voice commands that rely on the Kinect 2 sensor to function. Microsoft says the June Xbox One update will also add the ability for users to set a default account for the Xbox One to log into, which will save $399 Xbox One buyers a lot of hassle.

The June Xbox One update will also add in the ability for users to add their real name to their Xbox Live profile. Microsoft says its built the feature with privacy in mind. Multiplayer participants won’t be able to see user’s real names, however friends and followers will. There are new power options for the television app as well.

Last week Microsoft announced that it would drop the requirement for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users to have an Xbox Live Gold account before enjoying Netflix, Hulu and more. That too, will be included in this update.

The June Xbox One Update will begin rolling out to Xbox One Preview participants soon. Presumably, it’ll be available to all Xbox One users by June 9th, the day Microsoft ha said it’ll drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for entertainment apps.

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