The time has come. After months of teasing, and what feels like years of fans telling each other that the secrets of the universe will be revealed in June; what everyone has been waiting for is finally here. Today Microsoft takes to a stage in Los Angeles to reveal the things it has coming over the next few years for its Xbox One and Xbox 360 entertainment consoles. Yep, it’s E3 2014 time.

The fun starts formally at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time. At that time Microsoft will begin a live pre-show that’ll set the stage for its media briefing a half-hour later. Users will be able to watch both the briefing and the live show over Xbox Live through the Live Events app or on There are special apps for Windows Phone and Windows users too. Spike TV will air the E3 2014 Xbox Media Briefing at 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time for those who have cable or satellite.

All told, it should be a very, very interesting event. Having botched last year’s messaging, Microsoft has made it clear that its only going to focus on games and gamers this year. What games the company will show remains unclear though. It’s already formally announced 2015 release windows for Quantum Break & Halo 5: The Guardian — two of its most highly anticipated exclusive titles.

Developers Ubisoft and Electronic Arts will follow Microsoft with briefings of their later today.

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