A site is only as healthy as it is able to pass on information. In the last few months we’ve noticed that a growing number of readers were finding our stories after having first visited them on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We also realized that a lot of the users we follow on those social networks were interacting with their favorite sites in new and different ways. We want enConnected to be available everywhere you are and everything you want it to be.

That is why this week we’re rolling out three new social media accounts created to interact with readers in the ways they’ve come to value on other sites.

The first of these is Twitch. Starting next week we’ll be broadcasting at least one play session a week of a game we enjoy. It’ll be called Play Time, and those who miss it will be able to watch it on our YouTube page later in the week. Each week a member of the staff will be playing a recent game and taking your questions — and tolerating the hecklers disguised as Titanfall players too. The first Play Time session will air next Monday, June 16th and will feature Watch Dogs.

A growing number of you told us that you like the up-to-date information we offer on Twitter but prefer to use Google Plus instead. As such, we’re now posting a Google Plus page in addition to our profiles on Twitter and Facebook. Every day it’ll feature new postings about reviews, industry news and just plain old jokes as they happen on our other social network accounts.

Finally, Microsoft recently made some big improvements to the way users interact with each other over Xbox Live. More specifically, they’ve added a model in which Xbox Live users can follow each other without being permanent friends, making large-scale sharing more feasible. Today we’re announcing the enConnected Xbox Live account that will be used to stream to Twitch and post on YouTube. Don’t be afraid to send us a friend request.

Of course, you can still follow Marques Lyons, our music critic, on Twitter too. I wouldn’t say no to a few more friends on Xbox Live myself either.

Even while we’re adding more ways for you to reach us and the content we put out there we also want to assure followers of our current accounts that we’ll continue to maintain those as well. Look for more promotions on Facebook and more giveaways through our enConnected on Twitter social media account.

We are enConnected. Now playing.

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