Every Street United, the first original program produced by Microsoft’s Xbox Entertainment Studios, is now available for users to watch free of charge.

A soccer program, Every Street United follows Thierry Henry and Edgar Davis as they roam the world for decent soccer players with a story to share and training techniques to show off. Every Street United premiered this past Sunday to coincide with Microsoft’s 2014 World Cup videos and content.

Microsoft is making the show more interactive than typical reality television shows by introducing polling achievements for finding different objects in every scene. Xbox Live users can following along with the achievements their friends have earned as well. Microsoft used a voting system similar to this in the 2014 United States Presidential Election. Back then, the thinking was that users would value an extended viewing experience along with video content since statistics show that millions of users watch television or movies with a laptop, tablet or smartphone near them.

In addition to being available through Xbox consoles, Every Street United is also available for streaming through Xbox Video on the web.

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