The highly anticipated Destiny Beta will kick off for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users on July 23rd.

Activision and Bungie announced the official launch date for the Destiny Beta earlier today; sandwiching the crucial piece of information between announcements about the different versions of Destiny that will be available for purchase and more. The Destiny Beta will run just four days for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, kicking off at 10am Pacific Time on July 23rd and concluding at midnight on July 27th at midnight. During the Destiny Beta users will be able to create characters for the game’s massive online system as well as play against each other.

The company also revealed another trailer for the game. It doesn’t reveal much in the way of new story details, unfortunately.

The standard version of Destiny will launch along with three other Limited Editions. The $99 Destiny Limited Edition will include a steel game case, a portfolio with a guide to the game’s weapons, locations and novelty post cards. Both versions will also include a unique customization for each player’s Ghost companion, a special emblem to use on in-game characters and a special ship. Finally, users will get access to two separate expansion packs launching after the game.

For $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition buyers will get a motion-activated Ghost companion voiced by Peter Dinklage, a letter of introduction, a photo, a patch and a sticker, plus all the content from the Limited Edition of Destiny.

Finally, Destiny Digital Limited Edition users will get access to both of the game’s expansion packs and exclusive ship, emblem and Ghost casing from the Limited Edition. It’ll cost $89.99.

Users interested in the game will likely want to move on these special editions quickly. Doing so is key, not just because the two physical bundles are at risk of selling out. In order to get into the Destiny Beta users will need the special pre-order code that’s given away at participating retailers like GameStop.

It’s worth noting that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 users will get access to the Destiny Beta on July 17th, earlier than Xbox One and Xbox 360 users. The two expansion packs that Destiny Ghost Edition, Destiny Limited Edition & Destiny Digital Limited Edition buyers will get free will contain extra content for PlayStation users. Xbox One and Xbox 360 users won’t get that content until Fall 2015 at the earliest, despite paying the same amount for each bundle.

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